This is too good not to share, or at least not to forget. And so, my food blog begins...

Seeing our little jar of truffle mustard in the fridge kept on reminding me of one of our favorite dishes from the Mundaring Truffle Festival: braised beef with a truffle mustard sauce. I was craving some more.

But the key question, how to do the sauce? It would be unfortunate to braise without taking advantage of that rich broth to make a a gravy, and truffle mustard alone would be too potent as a condiment, so it was: truffle mustard gravy.

1. Rubbed a bit of salt and pepper on a beautiful 0.7 Kg grain feed, no hormone, Argyle Prestige Angus Beef Roast and seared in butter and olive oil all sides in the big pot, then put aside.

2. Added a bit more butter and oil to the pot, scraped off the browned bits, and sauteed some garlic, onion, shallot, and carrot.

3. Poured in about 3 cups of beef stock and the same amount of red wine, then stirred in two bay leafs, many sprigs of fresh thyme, and two dried porcini mushrooms.

4. Nestled the beef roast in the broth, brought to a simmer, then braised in the oven at 170 C for 2 hours and some. (I would have done longer at a slightly lower temperature but we had to a party to get to... and it turned out perfect anyway)

5. Set aside the beef, strained the juices from the pot, reduced, and thickened into a gravy with flour.

6. Stirred about 1 tablespoon of Great Southern Black Truffle Mustard into the gravy.

7. Served the braised beef sliced thick with mashed potatoes, everything smothered in gravy.

The gravy had a rich dark chocolate color, with a potent aroma of truffles and a subtle mustard tang. Prefect compliment to the tender, juicy beef. Awesome... and the food blog is started.